From Groaning to Singing…

Last month, our missionaries, local partners and visitors from Kentucky ministered to shut-ins (some blind, some bedridden, some both) near Cap-Haitien, witnessing and praying with them and leaving each person with a gift of a solar radio tuned to Radio 4VEH. What a joy to hear groaning turn to singing!

OMS missionary Angie Bundy, with daughter Brianna, reports:

“When we entered her room, she—a blind woman—was lying on a mat on the floor groaning in misery. It seemed to me that death would be more merciful. After we prayed with her, she sat up and her groaning stopped. When we turned on the radio and handed it to her, she actually laughed!

“Woy! Woy! Woy! (Wow! Wow! Wow!) was all that she could say! When we left her, she was singing!”

So many people in Haiti live without hope, facing unrelenting hardship and trapped in spiritual darkness—needing to hear a message of hope in Jesus Christ. A solar radio—delivered with a Gospel witness, tuned to Christian radio station Radio 4VEH and loaded with the audio New Testament in Haitian Creole—keeps on sharing that message of hope every day.






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