Alastair prays with young mother

New Radios Deliver Hope

Exciting news! The first batch of new radios are now broadcasting a message of hope to 100 families in 2 villages in Haiti—praise God!

Earlier this month, a team from Galcom International (our partner in radio production) joined our staff and local church teams to share the Gospel in poor areas near Balan and Quartier-Morin, northern Haiti. As they went door-to-door, talking with people about Jesus, many people made a first-time decision for Christ. Each household received the gift of a Resounding Hope solar radio to help them in their faith journey.

Alastair, pictured here, had the privilege of sharing the Gospel with a young mother. She clutched her baby in her arms and her other children gathered close by as Alastair prayed with her.

She prayed to accept the Lord into her life. Her children were listening to our conversation too. She was excited to receive a radio and know that she could listen to the New Testament in her own language.”

What’s special about these new radios? Simply put, they connect people with daily hope through Christian broadcasting from Radio 4VEH and give the New Testament in audio format to people who can’t read.

The radio’s revolutionary design means it’s powered by the sun, with no need for electricity or changing of batteries. And if the rechargeable batteries are removed or stop working years from now, the radio and audio New Testament will still work in the sun! For poverty-stricken communities in Haiti where electricity, batteries and Bibles are a luxury, this little radio is an answer to our prayers!

Today, constant streaming of Scripture reading, Bible teaching, farming & health advice, and life-saving information is speaking hope to men, women and children in Balan and Quartier-Morin.

But this is just the beginning. So many people in Haiti live without hope; trapped in spiritual darkness. Even believers struggle to know the Bible and live out their faith. Our evangelism teams are desperate for more radios to be sent to Haiti, so that many more families can hear hope every day—but we need your help!

Click here to sponsor a radio today.



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