“Whole Families Were Coming to the Lord!”

Barb Dowling from Faith FM, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, is used to working in radio. But in May, she joined a team on a life-changing journey to Haiti to help distribute Resounding Hope radios (tuned to Radio 4VEH and loaded with an audio New Testament) and share the Gospel with Haitian families.

In a live interview from Haiti, Barb said:

“So today, we met at the central church in that town, and we went out, going home to home, asking if these people knew Jesus, knew who God was, talking about the separation from God by sin, and how Jesus came to bring us back to reconciliation with God. So we were bringing people to Christ and giving them a radio afterwards as a support to their faith.”

“A lot of people don’t read, and a lot don’t have access to Bibles, and if they did, they can’t read them, so now they can listen to the whole New Testament on their radios. So they can hear the whole Gospel of Jesus on a regular basis to support them in their faith.”

“The first house we went to, I was the first to share, and she came to Christ, it was beautiful!”

“There were a lot of people who hadn’t come to the Lord yet, and whole families were coming to the Lord today. It was amazing!

Listen to Barb’s full interviews broadcast on Faith FM by clicking here: 





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