Resounding Hope radios for 2014

Sponsor Radios Today for Delivery in 2014!

How can you get a Bible teacher, worship leader, news reporter, prayer warrior, health expert, and best friend into a one-roomed home or prison cell in Haiti to minister to people every day?

The answer is through one solar radio.

Every day of outreach, we see the Lord moving. Though we don’t have all this year’s reports in yet, we do know that in 2013:

  • over 3,000 people have made first-time decisions or re-commitments for Christ on the day teams visited.
  • Another 1,000 people made appointments to learn more
  • Teams talked with more than 10,000 people, but we did not have enough radios to leave one with each household to bless them through daily radio programs and the audio New Testament. You can help send more radios with your donation today.

There’s still a few hours left to make your 2013 year-end donation. 

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Each donation of $60 will sponsor a Resounding Hope solar radio that is fix-tuned to Radio 4VEH and pre-loaded with the audio New Testament in Haitian Creole. Every day, those who receive a radio—whether in their village home, a hospital bed, or a prison cell—will hear life-saving information when disaster strikes, farming and health advice, and the ultimate in Good News, the resounding hope of Jesus Christ.

Help send Resounding Hope radios to serve families in Haiti for years to come

I’m excited about the huge potential for churches all over northern Haiti, our OMS ministries, and others to use these radios in evangelism and making disciples. Please pray and give a generous gift today to supply radios that we can deliver as we serve people in Haiti in 2014. For each donation of $60, you’ll bless one family with a solar radio that will minister to them for years to come.

Please give today. Thank you so much.

A Happy New Year to you and yours, or as we say in Haiti, Bon Ane 2014!

With blessings from all of us,

Brett Bundy
One Mission Society Haiti Field Director







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