mother receives Resounding Hope radio

Please Send Radios Urgently!

10, 000 solar radios given out. None left. Please send radios urgently!

Many Haitians live without reliable electricity and can’t afford to buy a radio or replace batteries. That’s why we give out solar-powered, hand-held radios, fixed on Radio 4VEH, with the audio New Testament in Creole.

In 2014, mission teams from the United States and Canada joined believers from churches in Haiti to share the Gospel in poor communities. As supplies allowed, the teams left Resounding Hope radios to bless households as they listen to Radio 4VEH and to God’s Word in their heart language.

Through this outreach in 2014:

  • 18,110 people heard the Gospel
  • 2,105 people made a commitment to Christ on the day teams visited. (We trust many more have come to Christ since then).
  • 2,700 radios were given out to bless families.

In the last three years, through your giving to Resounding Hope, you’ve helped bless 10,000 households, about 60,000 people, with a radio, giving a message of hope and help every day. Thank you so much!

Many more people still need the opportunity to hear and grow in the hope of Jesus. Please help send more radios to Haiti by making your donation to Resounding Hope today.







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