Frequently Asked Questions

[toggle title=”Q: What kind of radio programs will be heard on the solar radios?”]A: The solar radios are fix-tuned to Radio 4VEH, The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti, which broadcasts in Haitian Creole and French across Haiti. From 5AM to 11PM, Radio 4VEH teaches, encourages and inspires listeners with a wide variety of programming – including Scripture reading, teaching, worship, health advice, and farming skills.

The Resounding Hope solar radios—a new model from ministry partner Galcom International—also include an audio Bible in Haitian Creole, especially helpful for people who can’t read.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: How much does it cost to give a solar radio to a Haitian family?”]
A: A gift of $60 (US) sponsors one solar radio and helps provide daily broadcasting for a Haitian family.  This amount includes the cost of the radio with integrated MP3 player pre-loaded with audio Bible in Haitian Creole, delivery to a Haitian household as part of a personal Gospel presentation, and contributes to the daily broadcasting. People in Haiti receive the solar radio as a free gift—as the radio is solar powered, batteries don’t need to be replaced.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: How many people does each radio reach?”]A: People in Haiti usually listen to their radios together with members of their community, friends and family members. With an estimated six people per household, each radio will reach approximately six people, every day, for years to come.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: How will my donation make a difference in Haiti?”]A: By sponsoring a solar radio—or becoming a HopeRaiser to raise funds for more radios—you can make an eternal difference in the lives of people in Haiti. Your contribution will enable a personal presentation of the Gospel to someone who may never have heard about Jesus. It will also provide daily Bible reading, news, farming and health advice, life-saving information when disaster strikes, school lessons, worship music, prayer support—all in the Creole heart language. In addition, the integrated audio Bible will open up the Scriptures to those who can’t read or don’t have a Bible themselves.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: How durable are the solar radios?”]A: The solar radios made by our ministry partners, Galcom International (based in Ontario, Canada), are very durable. They are specifically designed to take the Gospel into hard-to-reach areas, and keep broadcasting for years.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: How are the radios delivered to families in need?”]A: Our solar radios are delivered by Haitian believers (pastors, lay people and ministry partners) during evangelism and outreach. These local missionaries are often joined by visiting teams from other countries as they share the Gospel in communities across northern Haiti. Each radio is delivered with a personal Gospel presentation, and as the teams leave, the radios remain to minister to people every day in their heart language.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: Why is radio so important in Haiti?”]A: In many areas where we give out solar radios, people live without electricity, newspapers, TV, and there are no other radio signals that reach into these areas.

Up to 80 percent of adults can’t read or write well enough to cope with daily life, so many listeners rely on Radio 4VEH for news, teaching, and the daily encouragement of God’s Word. Many listeners say that they turn their radios on first thing in the morning and turn it off last thing at night.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: How can I help?”]A: You can help by giving, praying and going.

Sponsor a solar radio with a gift of $60 (US).  Sponsor a Radio now >

Become a HopeRaiser and set a goal to raise funds on behalf of Resounding Hope. Ask your friends, family and coworkers to help you provide more families with solar radios. Become a HopeRaiser now >

Join us in prayer on your own, in your family, small group, congregation, Sunday School class or wherever two or three are gathered in His name. Click here for prayer requests and info.

Visit Haiti as part of the Resounding Hope evangelism and radio distribution team. Visit Haiti today >

[toggle title=”Q: Can I join a radio distribution team and give out solar radios?”]
A: Yes! Being part of an evangelism and radio distribution team is an amazing way to see God in action through Resounding Hope. You can be part of a group that places solar radios into the hands of people in Haiti. They’ll hear Good News every day on their radio and you’ll have a life-changing journey![/toggle]


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