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  • “We are not forgotten” says rural pastor

    “We are not forgotten” says rural pastor

    4VEH is like a university for the people in my church. Their lives are changing; they are learning things from 4VEH that I can’t teach them. Pastor Marcel shepherds this church in isolated Birèl village. He says the people there desperately need the Gospel and its redemptive work in their lives and community. As evangelism teams from 4VEH have visited recently, several people […]

  • 5 Year Progress Report

    5 Year Progress Report

    GIVING HOPE The Gospel is at work as our staff, local churches and visiting mission teams share about Jesus in neglected rural areas and give families a solar radio to speak hope and help every day. For many, the solar radio, preloaded with the audio Bible in Haitian Creole, is the first Bible they’ve ever […]