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  • No-one Beyond God’s Grace

    No-one Beyond God’s Grace

    This lady has a fantastic smile, doesn’t she? It took a while for that smile to show. We met her in the village of Leroux Cachiman, about an hour’s drive north east of Cap-Haitien in the back of a truck, as we worked with the church there to go door-to-door (or more accurately, yard-to-yard: if […]

  • Teenage Girl Receives Christ and a Radio

    Teenage Girl Receives Christ and a Radio

    This 15-year-old made a commitment to Jesus when our team visited her village in northern Haiti recently, working alongside the local church there. We left her with a gift of a solar powered radio tuned to Radio 4VEH, where she’ll hear solid teaching from the Bible for all aspects of life, good worship music, news […]