No-one Beyond God’s Grace

This lady has a fantastic smile, doesn’t she? It took a while for that smile to show. We met her in the village of Leroux Cachiman, about an hour’s drive north east of Cap-Haitien in the back of a truck, as we worked with the church there to go door-to-door (or more accurately, yard-to-yard: if people in Haiti are at home, they’re usually outside during the day, busy washing clothes in a plastic bowl, preparing food on the outdoor charcoal fire, or looking after small children.)

When we started talking with this young mother about God, and if she knows Jesus, she was reluctant to talk, not wanting to make eye contact. It turned out she was ashamed because the father of her baby had left her, and she thought God wouldn’t accept her now. This false concept is very common in Haiti, and elsewhere. As we continued to talk with her family—her mother, father and several younger siblings in the yard—her mother prayed a simple sinner’s prayer, asking Jesus to forgive her and be her Savior. The daughter’s face softened as one of our team, Keri, on a short-term missions trip from Indiana, shared with her (through a translator) that no-one is beyond God’s grace. Nothing too bad that it can’t be forgiven if we ask him. It touched a chord in her, and she committed her life to Jesus.

Solar radios connect new believers to Bible and daily teaching

On that day, 55 people in the village of Leroux Cachiman made Jesus Lord of their lives. And regardless of their decisions about God, we left new solar radios with each family we talked with, to bless and encourage them by the daily broadcasting of Christian Radio 4VEH and the New Testament in their own language.

PRAY: Would you pray for this young mom, a new believer?  She’ll hear teaching, encouragement and life-saving information as she listens to her Resounding Hope solar radio tuned to Radio 4VEH. Pray what she hears will help her grow in faith as she follows Jesus. Thank you!




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