Sponsor A Radio

Sponsor a RadioSupport a Radio

The mission of Resounding Hope is to provide 160,000 solar radios to Haitians desperately seeking hope and the Lord’s guidance. We need the generous help of others to reach our goal!

How Your Sponsorship Helps

Your $60 gift will sponsor 1 solar radio and years of Radio 4VEH programming – each radio, once in the hands of a Haitian family, has the ability to transform the lives of an entire community in need of God’s guidance.

Want to impact an entire village?

1,000 Sponsorships will:

  • Reach a Commune (or county)
  • Equip seminary students for relational evangelism
  • Link a village of 6,000 people to Radio 4VEH

500 Sponsorships will:

  • Support child evangelism outreach
  • Encourage a church partnership

100 Sponsorships will:Support a Radio

  • Serve one hundred families

50 Sponsorships will:

  • Equip a team of Haitian and North American Christians for a day of door-to-door witness



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