Visit Haiti

Visit Haiti

[pullquote4 align=”right” variation=”orange”]“We went to a village that had a small congregation that was ready, willing, and able to use the tool of a solar-powered radio to share the Gospel. We stopped at [a] house and found a man there. We asked if he was a Christian. He said, “No, but I have been waiting for someone to come and tell me about Jesus.” The young lady on our team talked to him for ten minutes about the Lord. He then knelt down right there in the yard, raised his right hand, and asked Jesus into his life. We gave him a radio to help encourage, bless, and instruct him in the ways of the Lord. It was a special blessing to be there and help lead him to Jesus Christ. Several people said they were not ready to make a decision for Christ. We gave them a solar-powered radio anyway so they can hear more about our Heavenly Father. This just might be the tool that God uses to bring them into His family.” — Steve, Ohio[/pullquote4]

Join an evangelism and radio distribution team to work alongside Haitian believers as they share the Gospel in communities across northern Haiti, putting solar radios into people’s hands to make a lasting impact.

Submit your inquiry with our short-term missions experts at Men for Missions by using the form below. They’ve helped launch hundreds of people on a life-changing journey to Haiti. They’re ready to help you on your journey with Resounding Hope.

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