Fundraising Dinner

Resounding Hope Fundraising Dinner

Invite friends and family over for a Resounding Hope Dinner and use the suggested schedule and Haitian recipes here to share your passion for helping people in Haiti. Watch the Resounding Hope video together and ask people to join you in sending radios to Haiti.

15 minutes  

Guests arrive. Make introductions

Serve drinks and finger foods/snacks.

Arrange to listen to Radio 4VEH broadcasting on the internet at – click on the ‘listen live’ button. Or call 832.225.5320 to listen.

Haitian suggestions: fruit juice (orange juice), lemonade; peanuts, plantain chips

15 minutes

Welcome and seat guests. Allow them to introduce themselves.

Give a brief overview of the evening (meal, share Resounding Hope initiative, discussion, opportunities to get involved)

30 minutes

Before eating, remind guests that at this moment, Radio 4VEH is broadcasting the Gospel across Haiti. As you pray before eating, pray for the broadcasting – the people listening, the presenters, the equipment – that God will speak and be heard. Pray also that God would provide to all those in physical and spiritual need in Haiti today.

Eat and enjoy your Haitian meal and celebrate the resounding hope that comes only through Christ.

15 minutes

Watch the Resounding Hope video together.

Tell your guests why you’re passionate about helping families in Haiti hear hope. If you’ve been to Haiti, share something that touched your heart from your own experience. Share how Radio 4VEH solar radios are a lifeline for listeners.

Invite guests to join you in sponsoring radios, either by making donations towards your goal or helping you raise funds. Prayerfully consider a fundraising goal that your guests can help you reach – like 50 radios ($3000) or 100 radios ($6000) to reach a whole village. Share ideas for how you can achieve this – organize a fundraising event (concert, yard sale, sports event) that fits you and your community, ask local businesses to help you.


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