“The People Exist There, But There is No Life”

From Brett Bundy, Haiti Field Director, One Mission Society:

We were in Bwa Nef, a dirt-poor village near the One Mission Society compound outside Cap-Haitien. One young woman’s story broke my heart. She’s desperately involved in prostitution as a means to survive – selling her body in exchange for food for her children or a couple of sheets of roofing for her shack home.

One co-worker said of this village, “The people exist there, but there is no life.”

Another woman said she could not accept God’s grace because she still owed a debt to the witch doctor.

What heart-wrenching bondage people find themselves in!

But as we left, I knew we’d given these two women and others there the best thing we could offer – the news that Jesus is their hope, and a solar radio tuned to Radio 4VEH that will keep sharing that Good News with them and their families every day.

And I’m so thankful for people like you who made donations to sponsor the radios for us to deliver to families in Bwa Nef village. But so many people in Haiti still need to hear hope spoken into their lives every day.

You can make an eternal difference for a family in Haiti this Christmas with a gift of a Resounding Hope solar radio.

Each solar radio our teams deliver on your behalf is a daily companion for a whole household, often six or more people, speaking in their heart language about the hope of Jesus.

Whether you can give $6,000 to sponsor 100 radios and bless 100 families or $60 to sponsor just one (or any amount), you’ll help make an eternal difference for a whole family, perhaps a family surviving through prostitution, or in the home of a witch doctor.

Please give today by making your secure donation here or sending your donation by mail.

If you’re making a Christmas donation in honor of a friend or loved one, print a Christmas Honor card to let them know of the gift you’ve made in their honor.

Thank you for partnering with us to share hope in Haiti!

PS. In this photo, I’m explaining to a family in another village how to use the solar radio. These conversations usually take place on front porches and in yards, so neighbors gather to listen in as we share the Gospel.  







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