new believers face opposition in Haiti

Jacky Faces Opposition As He Comes to Christ

As our teams and local church partners in Haiti share the Gospel and give out solar radios, many people who turn from their former ways (particularly from practicing voodoo) towards Christ will face opposition from their families.

Last month, Jacky made a decision that changed his life. A friend from the Evangelical Church of Vaudreuil near our mission in Cap-Haitien shared the Gospel with him and he accepted Jesus. That’s the good news.

But we didn’t have any radios left to share with him. So Jacky began his new life in Christ without a daily companion to speak hope and truth from God’s Word.

Straight away, Jacky faced opposition from his father, who abandoned him as a result of his decision to follow Christ.

Please pray for Jacky today, that God would strengthen and encourage him in his new faith.

With every donation to Resounding Hope, you can help equip local church partners with solar radios to minister to people like Jacky. Click here to donate now.



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