Meet Pastor Hérode

Meet Pastor Hérode Pierre, who recently joined the Radio 4VEH staff to work with Medson (Emmanuel Félix) in the Resounding Hope evangelism and solar radios outreach.

Meet Pastor Hérode.

Pastor Hérode (pronounced e-wod) is no stranger to our solar radios. In fact, he knows first-hand how God uses Radio 4VEH solar radios to change a community.

Gaudin was one of the first areas to benefit from evangelism with these little radios years ago. And we see the results of how God used the solar radios not just here in Gaudin, but in our growing church plant in Balan and other areas.

Pastor Hérode is a husband, father of two, pastor of Gaudin Evangelical Church and several other church plants. And for years, he has worked with Medson, with visiting short-term mission teams and lay people from his churches to share the Gospel and give out solar radios that connect people with God’s Word, worship music, farming and health advice and more through Christian radio 4VEH.

It's hard to get to Gaudin Evangelical Church. Until Medson, Pastor Hérode and team went to share the Gospel here and give out solar radios, there was not one single person who knew Jesus.

In July, Pastor Hérode preached this message to his congregation:

In 2000, there was not even one single person in Gaudin who knew Jesus.

Everyone here practised voodoo…dancing at the ceremonies and giving Satan the glory that belongs to God alone.

13 years ago, some people responded to the call given to all believers in Matthew 28, verse 19, that says “Go!” And they were obedient.

God used myself, Medson and his team to bring the Gospel here. All of us here in Gaudin church this Sunday morning are here because a group of people were obedient to God’s command in this verse.

Just as those people brought the good news here, so we must go. Go to Camp Louise, go to Limbe (neighboring towns) and tell the people about Jesus.

Tell them how Satan was destroying your lives here, and how you met Jesus who changed your life.

Many children now go to school because of the Christian community built around Gaudin church.

Remember what it used to be like here? We didn’t even know what it was like to go to school here. There was no school for our children here. [The church now runs a school for children in the area, supported through One Mission Society’s Starfish Kids sponsorship program]

Our biggest job as believers is to talk to other people about Jesus. Our most important job.

God didn’t call us all to sit here in church… He called us to go.

You can feel his passion for sharing the Gospel, can’t you!  We’re so thankful that the Lord has enabled Pastor Hérode to join the Radio 4VEH/Resounding Hope team, and to continue his work pastoring local churches.

Please do pray for Medson and Pastor Hérode, and watch out for updates on what God is doing as they travel, train pastors and lay people, and together go out and share the Gospel, leaving households with solar radios to connect them to Christian radio and to God’s Word.

If you’ve helped give out radios alongside Medson and Pastor Hérode, let us know about your experiences by writing in the comments below.



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