HopeRaiser Fundraising Ideas

HopeRaiser Fundraising Ideas

As a HopeRaiser for Resounding Hope, you’ve pledged to help the people of Haiti hear hope.  The donations you raise will help sponsor the solar radios needed to help Haitians hear a message of hope in Jesus every day.

To ensure that your efforts make the biggest impact, we’ve provided you with our most successful fundraising tips and Resounding Hope mission facts:

Login to personalize your Resounding Hope fundraising webpage!

  • Name your HopeRaiser page – use your name in the title to help donors find your page online.
  • Upload a personal photo or video – or use one of our incredible images from Haiti.
  • Add a description of why YOU support Resounding Hope.
  • Use the URL tool to create a recognizable link to your page (hint: we suggest you add your name to the URL).

Send emails to friends, family and coworkers requesting their support

  • Include a message that identifies why YOU became a HopeRaiser.
  • Describe how solar radios are changing the lives of desperate Haitians.
  • Make sure to include a link back to your fundraising page, where everyone can make a secure online donation.

Get the support of your social network!

  • Share the URL to your fundraising webpage on Facebook in your status updates.
  • Create a short version of your URL to share on Twitter.
  • Post reasons why Haiti needs the help of Resounding Hope.
  • Ask Friends and Followers to help support Haiti by making a contribution.
  • “Like” Resounding Hope’s Facebook page and share our status updates with your friends.

Recruit the help of others to make an even bigger impact!

  • Enlist the support of your church.  As a group, your congregation will raise more money and sponsor more solar radios.
  • Team up with friends and family to organize fundraising activities. Organize a Fundraising Dinner with Haitian recipes and share your passion for this mission.
  • Request help from local businesses aligned with the Resounding Hope mission – a coffee shop may provide a place for your posters, a bookstore could donate a percentage of proceeds, a radio station might be able to promote the cause.  Ask around and be creative.

When requesting contributions, describe the impact of each gift:

  • $60 is all it takes to sponsor one solar radio and years of Radio 4VEH programming – each radio, once in the hands of a Haitian family, can transform the lives of an entire community in need of God’s guidance.

Haitians asking for our Help:  It is at the request of our Haitian Christian friends that we are taking steps to bring more solar powered radios to their nation.  They’ve seen firsthand, lives improved by the daily broadcast of the Good News of Jesus.  And they are enthusiastic about bringing the Gospel to more families throughout the country.

Our Vision: Resounding Hope aims to bring 160,000 solar radios to Haiti. That means 1 million new Haitian listeners will benefit from the broadcasts of community news, health advice, farming instruction, and the Gospel.

Collaboration in Haiti: The radio distribution initiative brings increased collaboration among Protestant churches that have struggled for decades with division. The solar radios allow God’s Word to unite congregations, creating a stronger Christian community in Haiti.

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