Praying for Haiti

Pray for Haiti and for the ministry of Resounding Hope. You’ll be joining many others—from the prayer room at Men for Missions headquarters where prayer warriors meet every Tuesday at noon, to the noontime prayer program broadcast daily on 4VEH, to Haitian believers gathering under mango trees in worship, prayer and intercession for each other and for their nation, to people gathered in homes and churches around the world. We join with Haitian believers and proclaim, “Christ for Haiti, and Haiti for Christ.”

Use our Prayer Guides as prompters for your individual, small group, family and congregational prayers. Focus on the people and places where the Resounding Hope solar radios are taking the Good News of Jesus.

STRATEGIC PRAYER GUIDE: With excerpts from Operation World, our strategic prayer guide contains valuable insights and statistics on Haiti’s history, people and religions to help you pray more intelligently for Haiti.


 DAILY PRAYER GUIDE: 30 ways to help you pray for God’s work in Haiti through Resounding Hope.



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Radio As the Bible says in Isaiah 55:11, pray that ‘God’s Word would not return to Him empty, but will accomplish what He intends’ in listeners’ lives. In Haiti where up to 80% of adults can’t read a Bible for themselves, hearing God’s Word on their radio is vital in understanding the Gospel message, growing as disciples and reaching others.
Radio signal The strength of Radio 4VEH’s AM signal means that the broadcasting reaches into remote areas, perhaps as the only voice sharing the Good News of Jesus there. Praise God for the incredible opportunities of reaching a wide audience with a personal message through radio, one listener at a time. Pray that many solar radios will take the Good News to unreached areas.
Heart Intercede for those who will accept a solar radio before they accept God’s gift of salvation. As teams share the Gospel in communities across northern Haiti, many people say they need to ‘get their lives sorted out’ before accepting Christ. Others involved in Voodoo say they know who Jesus is, but they choose to serve other gods anyway. Pray God will use the solar radios with the daily broadcasting of Radio 4VEH to bring many people to Himself.
Church Lift up Haitian pastors, evangelists and lay people in churches and worshiping groups across Haiti, as they live out their faith on the frontlines of a spiritual battle. Pray that God will strengthen believers, that they will find encouragement and tools for growth as they listen to 4VEH and share their faith in their communities.



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